Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Wear It: Rocker Chic

If there's one particular look that has the ability to bridge the parallels of both sexy and badass, edgy and mysterious, or feminine and dangerous, it's rocker chic.  A look that either liberates and excites the wearer, or strikes some intimidation in others.  But one thing's for sure, this look is never cookie-cutter!

So how do you pull it off?  It's fairly simple if you are just starting out, if you stick to some of the basics: keep the colors simple, layer, and studs and spikes are a girls best friend!  Rocker chic can be most easily achieved when sticking to dark colors like black, dark grey, and even some deep reds.  Mix them with basic whites and creams to create a stark palette.  

Next, stick to the staples.  Vintage inspired T-Shirts and tanks are a great foundation for the look.  Try graphic tees with geometric logos or band images.  But if you just have a plain white T, that works fabulously as well.

Time to pull in some of my favorite items by way of leather.  If you want to turn up the rocker element to any look, wear leather bottoms.  Whether they're pants, a skirt, or shorts, leather ads an instant rocker, sexy girl vibe, while keeping your lines clean and tailored.  Spiked and studded details on the front or down one leg also create that bad-girl look and are a must if you can find them!  

To create some unexpected balance, we love topping the look off with a studded hat.  You may have seen these gaining popularity, and this is a perfect opportunity to wear an otherwise masculine staple.  

Finish the look with some lace up booties and stacks of jewelry, and you're officially a fashion rock star!

What do you think?  Ready to get your rock-n-roll on?

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(photo: Fashoincoolture)

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Allen Hill said...

The entire look is fabulous.I love the bracelets & the high heels