Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look We Love: Patterned Sweaters

One of my favorite fashion pieces for nearly all seasons of the year (sorry Summer, this time you'll have to take a back seat) are sweaters.  A girl or boy can never have enough sweaters in their arsenal, be it chunky knit for the uber cold months, all the way to a lightweight crop for spring.

So one of my current obsessions are sweaters with bold patterns or graphic prints.  They take a typically baggier piece, which may envelop a frame, and add a whole lot of pop and spice!  Something I like to call: Sweater Sass!

When working with patterned sweaters, they really do most the work for you in an outfit, and you can easily pair them with simple solids in order to maintain all the attention on the sweater like the looks above.  Utilizing some neutral colored shorts with tall socks is a perfect look for the spring and fall months, and pairing with darker leggings or leather pants works wonders as the temperatures drop.

Contrastingly, you can get a little more playful and rework the patterns and prints in your sweaters over another patterned bottom to create a far more artistic and whimsical look, like the one below:

The key ingredient is the color palette.  Make sure there are unifying colors tying the 2 pieces together like the pinky-beige of the skirt and skulls, and the maroon tights which work well to compliment the sweater.  Accent with solid neutrals like these black leather booties, and if you really want to add a snazzy splash, wrap your waist with a bright colored skinny belt for a pop.

So what do you think?  How do you like to wear your sweaters?

Posted by:  Spankie Valentine

(photos: Chictopia - Michaela_773, Leatherlaceandvelvet, & Kittenhood)

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