Friday, January 11, 2013

Kate Middleton's Royal Portrait Unveiled

Yes indeed, we can all agree that the way of the royal world is a bit different from world most everyone else lives in.  And that's what keeps the world so intrigued.  

And this little bit of news is no different.... the official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge was just unveiled in the National Portrait Gallery in London.  It was created by Paul Emsley, a South African raised artist who apparently spent more than 3 months working on the piece, which is a work of 2 sittings he had with Kate last year, in addition to analyzing photographs he had taken of her at the same time.

And the reviews have been great.  "I thought it was brilliant" Kate Middleton was quoted as saying, and Prince William thought it was "beautiful."

So what do you think of the portrait?  I was kind of surprised by it to be honest, and had mixed ideas, but overall think it's a very honest potrayal of the lovely Duchess.

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(image: Paul Emsley)

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