Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall Cover Up

Now sure a woman outfit and style is always a priority, but what about what is carried in a woman's make up bag. Fall is near and its time to see what is trending with celebs and their make up. For instance their eye shadow, eye liner, and lip shade.

Cat eye: Cat eyes give the face an extra pop. Natural face make up with bold black liner is always appealing and can be fixed with just about every style whether you dress punk or contemporary.

Red lipstick: Never fails. With a little help you can find your perfect shade. Every woman should have a red lipstick, and if you're unsure on what looks best a barely there natural face with red lipstick will turn heads.

Orange Fall: Unsure of what shades to wear this season? Try a pop of orange eye shadow. The endless beauty Scarlett Johansson portrays the perfect way to pair up orange eye shadow with cat eye liner. For a modern facial look wear minimal make up with the shadow for a basic pop.

Glittery Eyes: Feeling fancy, shine up your look with glitter eye shadow/shimmer. The shimmer and eyeliner is the perfect combination. You have bold and sexy with glitz and glam. What more can you ask for? I'd say after you have those two paired all you'll need is a LBD with pumps and you're date ready.

Gray Scale: Another fall shade is gray, and can be paired with eyeliner and glitter; depending on the occasion.

So what do you like? These are just a few ideas that could help complete an outfit of your choice this fall. Also, a little heads up on what shades and styles are in this fall. 

Posted by: Allison M.


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