Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello and Goodbye, Summer!

We adore Summer! In California, Summer is a vibrant romance, a day by the beach, and when the sun goes down, here comes the fiesta! We're a bit bummed that Summer is soon  to end. However, we can't wait for next year - especially what's to come in the runway! Although it's a bit too soon, they don’t' say "fashion forward" with out a reason so as a fashion leader, we want to show you the future!

The 2014 Summer Fashion forecast is looking like a hot one! No pun intended. According to fashion blogger Joanna from Fashion Gone Rogue, it's inspired by "fluidity and drapery paired with bold prints and clashing patterns". Sound like a party!

This year, photographer Henrique Gendre gives us a sneak peak of what's to come through his Summer 2014 campaign with the beautiful American star, Karlie Kloss from Animale. This beauty posed in the dreamy photo shoot that is inspired by the island of Bali. Can you say gorgeous? All elements in this shoot describe what Summer in Cali feels like - dreamy, love, fresh and fun! 

Posted by: Stephany S


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