Monday, August 26, 2013

MTV VMA Awards 2013 Red Carpet Review!

Well the MTV VMA Awards 2013 happened last night in Brooklyn, New York... oh yes... they happened!  Did you tune in?

Whether or not you watched, I'm sure by now you've been bombarded with photos and GIFs all over social media about the antics and most talked about moments of the evening... twerking on Beetlejuice anyone?

And while some performances left viewers in awe (Justin Timberlake's 17 minute performance extravaganza) some left us inspired (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) and some just left us (fill in the blank) there was certainly no shortage of similar moments on the red carpet.  I must say, I was both wowed, and a little underwhelmed with some of the looks that I saw, a little surprised that some of the stars went more subdued this year.  I mean, who wasn't expecting more shock on the red carpet from ladies like Miley and Gaga?  But, of course, the provided those moments during their performance, which was perhaps the point.  



All in all, who were your favorites?  Who do you think was best dressed and worst?  

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(Photos: Getty, AP/INVISION)

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