Monday, January 6, 2014

Neoprene Fashion Trend


Surf's up! There's a new trend that has hit the textile department when it comes to our clothing. What is this new trend? Neoprene.

A fabric that is typically used for scuba gear and surf attire, neoprene has recently hit the runways and fashion shows, showing us that it is a new textile worth taking a second look at.  This textile is super smooth to the touch, quite pliable, lightweight, and maintains its structural form quite effortlessly.  And there are many ways to wear this new textile that might surprise you.

(photo - DANIELLE_M)

One of the most popular forms that this textile is utilized in, when it comes to fashion, are neoprene skater skirts.  These type of skirts are pretty easy to find, are available in a myriad of bright, bold colors, and these skirts easily maintain their form. A pleated neoprene skater skirt is your best option, for achieving an ultra feminine silhouette.


Another piece that neoprene is showing up in, is a sweater. I know, I know, you may be surprised to realize that neoprene sweaters are quite popular now. Just looking at these photos in this post, you may not have even realized that neoprene was the textile used.  What's great about a neoprene top, is that it maintains a smooth, classic shape, works great in neutral colors, and maintains your form.

(photo - STEFSCHOEN)

Also look for pieces like neoprene dresses.  This all-inclusive fashion piece is effortless to wear, maintains a beautiful feminine silhouette, and pairs wonderfully with accessory pieces like cardigans, Blazers, and stockings.


So what do you think about the neoprene trend? Will you give it a try this season? Tell us below.

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Unknown said...

I think a lot of fashionistas will like the neoprene trend. The texture is really nice, smooth and very comfortable to wear. Plus the color from it's texture brings out blocks of boldness which is really eye catching. Wearing neoprene clothes are already statement pieces, not too overdone but still makes you look classy and fierce, especially plain ones. There is this site,, that could help you out with what to wear with your neoprene clothes. It's a community that shares one passion where you can share your neoprene ideas too. Cheers for this entry! Very nice!

Unknown said...

Stunning post!! I like your outfit. Thanks for sharing this blog.