Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Jumpsuit

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Ahhhhhh the jumpsuit!  One of the most versatile, season transcending, easy to throw-on pieces in our closet.... yet also one of the more elusive.  How many of you guys have a jumpsuit in your closet?  Whether a full length one with pants or a short suit.... and how often do you wear it?

If you haven't yet discovered the bliss and wonderment of the jumpsuit, I dare you to reconsider.

Effortless, chic, sporty, girly, professional.... these are just some of the moods you can convey with literally one piece of clothing.  The thing I love about a jumpsuit, is you instantly have your top and bottom of your outfit all wrapped up into one, and all you need to do is accessorize.

(photo: chictopia BREAKFASTPIXIE)

And that's where the fun comes in!  Your personality can really shine with these pieces.  You can either grab a multi color print jumpsuit, and let it do the talking on its own, or add layers of necklaces, bold color blocking, a fun blazer, heels, wedges, flats... you name it.

So take a look at some jumpsuit inspiration and see if it gets your fashion wheels turning!  Which look is your favorite?

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