Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Can Do: Black and White

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You can do it!  Have no fear!  This spring, there's a repeating trend in the air that we're excited to see make a return, and it's black and white!  Whether its worn in stripes, dots, solids, or a mesh of everything in between, the black and white trend is looking to make yet another bold statement in the coming season.

Want some inspiration on how to wear it?  If you're feeling really bold, look for patterned separates, like the ginormous striped bell pants above.  Or try a smaller, more concentric pattern like sparse polka dots in a sweater.  

(photo: chictopia user - JAZZPAD)

When pairing black and white separates, there are a few details to consider when planning the mood you're wanting to convey.  Matching with neutrals like grays, navy, or black and white solids will create the most monochromatic, uniform look.  It will also draw the most attention to the black and white patterns if at play.

(photo: chictopia user - MODOWYMANIAK)

If you want to add a playful pop of color to your black and white ensemble, focus on solid color pieces, usually in a bright color palate.  Just remember, with a black and white base, most of the attention will go the the piece with the color.  Try accents like a solid color handbag, hat, or tights.

(photo: chictopia user - SWINGTHEDAYAWAY)

And lastly, if you're just getting into this trend, or aren't feeling the boldness of a pattern, start off with black and white separates that are solid colors.  This creates a color blocking style that is universally flattering to pretty much anyone on the planet.

So what do you think?  Ready for this spring trend?

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