Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coachella Style

Here in Southern California the week started off a bit chilly – with a side of rain, but things are starting to warm up for this Coachella weekend! People from all across California - along with people from other states, travel to Indio for the festival of music, fashion and good vibes. These upcoming weekends we will get to see everyone’s fashion creativity. Our fashion festival friends take the ordinary to extraordinary!
Here is what to be on the look out for and incorporate into your Coachella festival look!


Statement Necklaces:


Palazzo Pants


We are excited to see everyone’s creativity with accessories, colors, and pieces of apparel. There are various factors into an outfit; it is your creativity with all the pieces that makes the look original!  If you are heading out to Indio for Coachella this weekend, or next, be sure to tag us #uogstyle we would love to see your fashion festival look!

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