Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Nails

As we spring forward we begin to see changes in colors all around us; not only are we seeing the changes, but we naturally become attracted to vibrant and vivid colors in our choices of items! Once the snow melts and takes the cold weather with it, it’s like we become the flowers arising from the snow: new, full of life, vibrant and ready for what the rest of the year brings. We become drawn to filling our closets with these beautiful colors to wear during the upcoming celebrations of Easter, Memorial Day, graduation parties, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and any regular outing we stumble upon. The colors we wear reflect our upbeat mood during these gatherings we are happy to be apart of; it is as if everyone in the room is happy to be alive and enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Sometimes we underestimate the power of our color choices made for the items we wear and carry! 

Here at UrbanOG we always have you covered with a great selection of clothes in trendy colors for the appropriate seasons. Sometimes we will be rocking our trendy OOTD purchased; however, we may forget one small detail…our nails! 

Here you will see a few of our spring colored nail polishes to match your well thought out outfits. 

model: NGP267, NGP159, NGP268 



On our Pinterest page we are constantly pinning – as they say, vibrant color mani/pedi ideas “Mani Pedi Madness” . Below are a few of our favorite! Feel free to re-pin them and comment below if your pin is featured! While you’re there be sure to check out our other inspirational looks and repin your favorites! Don’t forget to follow us as well. 


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