Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jennifer Lopez Inspiring Fashion Styles

Have you ever played the ice breaker, “If you could plan a dinner with any five living or dead people, who would they be?” One of my personal favorites is Jennifer Lopez! J.Lo is an inspiring woman. She is a global icon – formally awarded with the Icon Award at the Billboard Awards on May 18, 2014Lopez is multi-talented: sings, acts, dances, and is an entrepreneur – to name a few. She has taught many of us to break through barriers and follow our dreams. Lopez embraces staying humble and genuine to her roots. Let’s not forget, she is 45 and stunning.

Aside from making headlines due to her incredible career, she has also appeared in headlines regarding her incredible sense of fashion. We have composed a few of our favorite 2015 J.Lo looks alongside our favorite #uogstyle looks. Feel free to tag us in your J.Lo inspired looks #uogstyle. Also, comment below let us know if you would invite J.Lo to your dinner or who your other guests would be!

MTV Movie Awards 2015
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American Idol Season 14
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J.Lo Body Lab Screening of The Boy Next Door 2015
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