Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trendy Sneakers

Fashionistas, we are in mid-April, it is safe to say summer is coming and the heat is on it's way! We have less than two months until Summer 2015 is in full effect. It is also around that time when some of us are realizing our bodies are not up to par as we imagined back in January 1, 2015. Let’s motivate each other to get through this home stretch to summertime fine! Here are new stylish sneakers to motivate you to get up and go show off your sneakers at the gym – while working out of course. You can motivate us by commenting below your favorite workouts! As always, don’t forget to tag us #uogstyle!



Posted by: BR

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Crystal Bea said...

I like the cheetah print and the gold pair cute