Friday, July 29, 2011

DIY Gel Manicures

  I think I speak for most if not all make up and fashion lovers out there when I say that ever since the recession, we’ve all had to come up with creative ways and make sacrifices to compensate and make ends meet to stay on top of our style A-game. For the creativity aspect of the situation, a recession isn’t necessarily all bad. Of course, we let ourselves splurge occasionally on a shopping spree or a mani and pedi at the salon.
 Now, the wait is over. Services such as at-home bikini waxes and DIY gel nails are on its way and cash saving options are available more than ever before. Gel nail brands are getting in on the DIY trend, with mass groups such as CCA, Pacific World, and Innovative Beauty Group all creating their own Gel products that you can do at home. Barry Shields, the marketing manager for Innovative Beauty Group told WWD, “Gel manicures are proven in salons and we are bringing a quality and convenient product to mass. It provides an affordable and lasting option for consumers.”
 In comparison to traditional manicures, gel manicures last at least twice the time and being able to do so in the comfort of our homes while popping in the last season of Desperate Housewives sounds pretty amazing.
Red Carpet Manicure (the new product created by Innovative Beauty Group) offers an LED lamp that is sold with the nail products to set the color. They also feature special LED polishes that help achieve a longer lasting application. There will be 36 shades and the price for the starter kit will cost $79.99. Keep an eye out for Red Carpet Manicure coming to beauty stores this Fall.

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