Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Trend- Mesh Tops

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For the bold and fashion saavy, a new trend has come along and its here to stay as seen from the trendy fashionistas and fashion runways of this coming season. Mesh tops are going to be the hot new thing, and by this, I don’t mean the micromesh feminine tops you’ve seen at the store. I’m talking about the other athletic mesh tops that you used to wear in gym class—the ones that usually came in a bright neon yellow or orange color. According to how you dress up this trend, it can either be worn as a classy piece or as a street style statement piece. These mesh tops are adorable when worn over a button-up, over a dress or tucked into a skirt.

Is this a look that you guys would rock? If so, how would you incorporate this piece to your outfit? Personally, I’ll definitely need to do some mixing and matching in order to be convinced that this is something I can put in my closet and wear more than once.

Posted by: Saeko

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