Monday, July 25, 2011

Dressing Professionally in the Summer

 Dressing for a day at the office doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be uncomfortable. Even in this warm weather that reach triple digits in some areas, you can take these tips and tricks into consideration to make your work day a little less unbearable.

Work Apparel Basics: General Rules
-If the choice stands between being overdressed or under-dressed, it’s probably a better idea to overdress and take off that blazer jacket or cardigan rather than being grossly under-dressed all day.
-Ask someone in the workplace if there’s a dress code that needs to be followed.
-Look and see how other people at the office dress to get a general idea of the type of outfits you’re expected to wear.
-If you have to question whether or not something is appropriate to wear at work, its most likely not.
-Try to pick lightweight clothes made of breathable fabrics.
-Play with patterns, fabrics and trendy pieces. Depending on whether the office is more conservative or casual, you can choose more muted colors or bolder patterns.
-Most workplaces don’t allow bare arms so if you want to wear something sleeveless, make sure you cover up with a lightweight cardigan or blazer.
-Depending on the company, you may be able to wear peep-toe shoes or even dressy sandals. Just remember that flip-flops are never a good idea to wear to the office.

Hope these tips and tricks help! Let us know your outfit ideas, tips and tricks here!

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