Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pamela Anderson Designs Couture Stockings

 Pamela Anderson is one of those people that every guy and every girl can instantly put a face to when they hear her name. However, fashion and style isn’t the first things that come to mind in association with her name. In addition to her infamous red one piece bathing suit Baywatch days running on the beach, she has also recently collaborated with stocking company Secrets In Lace to have Pamela design, market and distribute a line of speciality nylons. “This collaboration is the perfect match, as Pamela Anderson exudes sex appeal, and her stocking line is no exception. She knows how to play up her assets, the line exemplifies just that,” said a company spokesperson.

 The line is called Pamela Couture Collection and the stockings are 100% nylon and come in five designs, including an adorable swiss dot version. These stockings end at the top of the thigh and require a garter belt. The sexy ensemble start at $40 and can be purchased at

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