Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whitney Port Interview

There’s something about Whitney Port that makes her so lovable, even though her celebrity status became official via reality TV shows, The Hills and The City. Whit talked to Grazia Daily about drama on The City, suffering under Kelly Cutrone and her life as a fashion designer. A true girl with class and charm, she continues to develop her skills as a young fashion designer and TV personality. Check out some of our favorite parts of the interview below.

What she learned from her former boss Diane Von Furstenburg:
Diane Von Furstenburg [sic] taught me that I need to design for every woman, that I can’t just keep one woman in mind and I have to think about what girls of all shapes and sizes are going to want to wear so this is always in the back of my head. She’s just so empowering in general and as a female influence she’s made a big impact on my life.
On her time on The City: It was so much fun! I mean, obviously there are points when I thought I can’t handle this anymore! I didn’t want the pressure of every move I made and everything I said being on TV, but for the most part, I was able to launch my clothing line off the back of it, which was my ultimate goal so I’ll always be grateful for that. So I enjoyed every experience I had because it is very rare for someone my age to be put in such a cool environment and have so many opportunities.

On working with Kelly Cutrone:

Kelly is exactly how she is on camera! She has a very nurturing side, which I think you see on camera as well. She is very motherly and a really awesome mentor. I think she just wants to push people to take chances and to not be afraid of failure. She was my biggest cheerleader! If you manage to get passed that rough edge you realise that she’s a big softy!
As for Port’s enemies? The star has nothing but kind words.

On who is more stylish, her or her City rival Olivia Palermo:

Olivia, for sure. I mean, even in general she is one of the most stylish girls out there. She has a really great eye!
Seriously, Whit’s either making up really nice things about not nice people to get us to like her, or she’s just a really cool chica. We’re hoping it’s the latter, but either way we’re buying it. Check out the rest of the interview here.

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