Monday, November 5, 2012

Look We Love: Leather and Denim

Happy Monday everyone!  Since yesterday we officially turned back our clocks for the fall/winter seasons, I wanted to blog about a combination look that we're currently drooling over for the colder months ahead.  Enter:  leather and denim.

We've all got a pair of leather pants, or at least considered a pair, but have probably all come to the same crossroads... what the heck to I wear with these?!  While there are several obvious options like a muted sweater, or something girly to offset the toughness, you may not have thought about denim.  In this case, a chambray top.  

First of all, I love the deep blue color of the leather pants, and the paneling.  It removes some of the stigma attached to black leather pants, and gives the element of the unexpected.  Pairing deep blues with a chambray top effortlessly blends together.  And in this case, adding another blue tone to the mix in the form of a layered blazer puts the final touches on a tone on tone look.

The neutral gray booties work seamlessly with the color palate, and the boho fringe bag keeps it chic and casual.  Top it off with a silver necklace and even a headband, and you're ready to rock your leather!

What do you think of the look?

Posted by:  Spankie V.


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