Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rihanna Goes Clueless!

This week, the annual GQ's Men of the Year party was held, and Rihanna, who graces the magazine's cover with a very nude, only in a leather jacket, photo, arrived at the party "clueless."  Or we should say, Clueless with a capitol C!

Rihanna wore a tiny red dress, reissued by Calvin Klein, and as it turns out, that little slip dress is a reissue of the iconic white dress Alicia Silverstone wore as Cher Horowitz in the film Clueless.  

In the film, Alicia comes down the stairs wearing a see-through dress with her stunned father looking on.  He says, "What are you wearing?"  She replies, "A dress!"  He responds, "Says who?"  And she cleverly responds, "Calvin Klein!"

It's a fabulous scene we can all love, and now you can even grab the dress, in white, or as Rihanna gorgeously wore it, in red!

Posted by:  Spankie V.

(photos: GQ, Clueless the movie)

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