Thursday, November 1, 2012

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2012!

Have you recovered from Halloween yet and the classic post-sugar slump?  Or did you stay in and avoid the trick-or-treaters all night, watching a romantic comedy?

Whether you celebrated Halloween in costume or not, the celebrities sure went all out this year!  We saw some of the classicly predictable costumes like sexy pirate this, and sexy nurse that... but what we love most are the celebrities who got a little more creative, and weren't afraid to look a little silly in the process!

Here are some of our favorites!  And to start us off, I just had to slip a pic in of my handmade costume!  I went as a candy cane!  Miss Candy Cane to be exact! ;)

Spankie Valentine as Miss Candy Cane.

Ellen's costume is hands down my favorite!  She went as Sophia Vergara in her famous Emmys dress.  Not only was this clever, but so hillarious!  Just look at the high heeled feet resting on top of Ellen's tennis shoes!

 Kim Kardashian went with something predictably skin tight, dressing as catwoman while KanyeWest went as Batman.  Did we mention there was a gold Batmobile involved?  Miley Cyrus donned a huge yellow wig, leopard body suit and pink lips to become Nicki Minaj.  Are those ass cheek implants included?

 Nicole Richie matched her daughter with ballerina costumes while trick-or-treating, and Debbie Harry worked her legs in a cancan dancer outfit, while Bette Middler dressed as Coco Chanel, complete with signature pearls.

Supermodel Gisel Bundchin went all out in headpiece and blue eyeshadow to transform into an Egyptian Pharaoh, and Dita Von Teese looked especially  dapper as an androgynous French person.

 Jennifer Lopez and beau Casper Smart coordinated their looks as sort of Native American hippies, while Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their twins dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz.

 So which was your favorite costume?

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Me, My fashion and I said...

Love Sandra Bullock and his son!!!! They both look sooo cute!!!

Me, My fashion and I