Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrity Halloween Recap

(photo: Jordan Strauss)

Eeeek!  Halloween is over!  Well, unless your town is anything like Los Angeles, in which case, the parties here will last all weekend, so better have your 2nd 3rd and 4th costume ready!

But for those of you who might be purists, and only bring out your spooky and ooky on the one official fright day, Halloween went over with a ghoulish bang yesterday.  So while you enjoy the fruits of your trick-or-treating, and by fruits, I mean candy.... we thought we'd present some images of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes from last night (and previous years).  See if you can recognize them (Martha Stweart, is that you as the fairy godmother?!)

                                               (photo: Jordan Strauss)                                                   (photo: Jordan Strauss)

(photo: Jordan Strauss)                                                   (photo: Instagram) 

(photo: McAf/Splash News)                                                   (photo: John Scuilluly/Getty) 

(photo: AKM)                                                   (photo: Jordan Strauss) 

Who is your fav?

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Unknown said...

wooooow!!! Neal Patrick Harris and family is the cutest!!!! :)

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