Friday, November 15, 2013

Now You Can Smell Like Pitbull?!

(photo: Robert Sadler Clark)

Well folks, we now officially have endless possibilities when it comes to how we look, feel, act, dress, and of course, smell.  So my question to you today is:  do you want to smell like Pitbull?

Pitbull, aka Armando Perez, is one of those "started from the bottom" celebrities who is  steeped in interesting family history (his mother immigrated to the US as part of the CIA's Operation Peter Pan after opposing Fidel Castro's revolutionary government) who grew up in the tough area of Little Havana in Florida.  He was raised by his mother, a fragrance loving woman, who exposed him to fashion and perfumes.  

(photo: Robert Sadler Clark)

So I supposes it's only natural that his Mr. Worldwide branding would take him to the highly celebritized market of fragrances right?  He's officially introducing his flagship fragrances for both men and women, simply titled "Pitbull."  The woman's fragrance contains top notes of red apples, mandarin, and raspberries, a heart of nectarine blossom, jasmine, and freesia, and bottom notes of amber, vanilla, musk and creamy woods.  

(photo: Robert Sadler Clark)

We think the packaging is pretty sexy compared to others we've seen on the market.  But the true test will be how the fragrance wears on the skin.  So what do you think?  Think you'll go the distance and spritz some Pitbull aroma on yourself?

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