Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Leather Skirts for Fall

(photo:  Chictopia user Esra)

Ahhhh, Fall.  How I love thee!  Let me count the ways... in leather pieces that is!

Fall is one of the most perfect transitional seasons... sorry Spring.  It's a time when new things come to pass like school and work, a time where the weather cools and we can bring out some more of those cute layers we've been stowing away, and were general cheer is in the hearts of most as the holidays approach.

So we thought, this a great time to talk about leather skirts.  The leather skirt might just be the perfect fall piece.  It allows us to wear our fancy tights or thigh high boots, show off the legs while keeping warm, and maintain our feminine touches without getting buried in a pile of frump with too many winter layers.

(photo:  Chictopia user Esra)

Pulling off a leather skirt is simple.  Mix a high waisted option with a tucked in blouse or turtle neck for the most chic and flirty look that works well both for a day/night out option, and also at school or work.  We love bold colors like the gem toned one here.  Also, keep the silhouette loose and bouncy for the most elegant look. Wearing skin tight leather will only look how it sounds.... skin tight and probably over sexed for the every day chic.

Pair your skirt with some leggings and boots or booties, and throw over a patterned cardigan or fabric jacket for some warmth.

And that's it!  Have fun with your leathers this season!

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