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How To: Soft Lips in the Winter

(photo: naturallyb at onsugar)

It's the scandalous dilemma of the century!  Well, er... at least for the winter time.  Our peckers are peeling, cracked, and crying out for help.

So, yeah, have you noticed how during the fall, and definitely in the wintertime, just like our skin and hair, our lips seem to take a moisture sucked punishment, and start feeling dried out, even sometimes burning?  Did you know there are some simple things you can do about it besides slathering on some Vaseline and looking like your drooling.

And what if you want to wear some lipstick and not have it cave into the wintry crevices formed on said lips?  Here's the simple how to:

First things first, you want to make sure you scrub those smoochers.  Yes, that's right, they need to be exfoliated too.  If you skip this step, you might as well skip them all.  Use an old (clean) toothbrush or a gentle makeup removing towlette and wipe/brush down your lips to remove any dead skin cells that will only make you regret putting on lipstick later.

(photo: EOS)

(photo: naturallyb at onsugar)

Then you want to apply some moisturizing lip balm.  I most definitely prefer one that is all natural, preferably organic.  EOS makes some great ones too, with delicious flavors, but really, whatever you like to use.  Lean towards tubes, bottles or sticks that are self applying, so that you don't have to stick your finger in it to apply, exposing both the balm and your lips to bacteria from your hands.

Then let the balm soak in your lips a few minutes.  I usually do this step before applying my makeup so that it has the entire makeup process to rest and soothe the lips.

(photo: MAC)

Then you can swipe away with your lipstick.  Brush application and liner will go a long way to make the lipstick stay put, and help blend through the balm.  And you should be good to go for all day wear!

You can also dig into a simple DIY lip scrub if that's your preference.  Try mixing a couple soonfuls of olive oil and sugar (brown or white) and apply to lips.  GENTLY massage the mixture on your lips, and then wipe away.  Your lips should feel super soft and ready for the balm.

Have fun!

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