Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Justin Bieber's New Short Film The Key

It's finally out!  You've been waiting (well, at least some of you) for a while now, but the official new Justin Bieber short film, "The Key" is out now, officially marking the launch of his new fragrance, also called The Key.

This marks the 3rd fragrance for the singer, which is said to unlock the dreams for Beliebers everywhere.  In the film, we watch a lovely model girl go to sleep with a bottle of perfume on her nightstand and a hanging key which she holds in her hand.  Then, in her dreams, she meets Justin in her hotel, who takes her to a magical place of art, staircases, and rooftop views.  This is followed by 2 more girls in 2 other hotel rooms, all dreaming and meeting Justing, playing with cake and cookies.   

Some have found hidden meanings in the message of the video, while others are confused by the amount of different girls he privately visits.  Whatever your take, most girls are sure to swoon at those smoldering eyebrows and doey eyes.  

What do you think of the short film?  Will you be grabbing the fragrance for yourself or a gift?

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