Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrate Earth Day in Fashion!

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In case you somehow didn't already know, and the Google doodle today didn't give it away... it's officially Earth Day!  Celebrated every April 22, Earth Day is a time where hundreds of millions of people from all over the globe gather together to demonstrate support for environmental protection and preservation.  


There are so many possibilities for activities today to show your love for Planet Earth, and I thought, why not add the finishing touch by celebrating in fashion too?!  I know when I dress for a celebration, it automatically puts me in a happier, more productive mood, and fashion fashion is at its best when it's inspired by the world around us.  


So why not put together an outfit in gorgeous Earth tones like chocolate, tan, burgundy, greens, and sky blues.  Wear a floral print frock or flower print pants for a show of Spring time, or toss on a faux floral headband.  And let's not forget, if you haven't already, now is a great time to try wearing something vegan!  Whether it be vegan (faux) fur, leather, suede or snake, it's a great way to show love to the animals of the planet by wearing pieces inspired by, but not harmful to, the animals.  


And don't forget to bring out your boots, because it's also time to get a little dirty!  This Earth Day, take a moment from your busy schedule to join a local group and help plant a tree.  Or spend an hour picking up some trash in your neighborhood or the park or beach.  Or sit outside with an acoustic guitar and strum some soothing tunes.  Whatever you do, just try and take a few moments to spend some time outside, without your electronic devices, and appreciate the planet.  Take a walk instead of driving to a park, and breathe some fresher air!


The point of today is not just to celebrate the protection of the planet for one day, but to get you excited about celebrating all year long!  By taking some steps today, along with millions others, you might just find you really enjoy it, and do it again and again!  And if you're looking for more simple things you can do today, here's a quick list to help get you inspired!:

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Turn off your phone and computer for one hour
Plant a tree
Pick up trash in the parking lot
Recycle what's in your kitchen and trash
Ride a bike to work
Carpool to work or school
Walk in the park
Take your dog for a run
Play an acoustic instrument
Turn the lights off
Take a 5 minute shower
Have a picknick
Walk on the beach
Turn off the TV
Call your local city counselor and mayor's office requesting better protection for the environment
Eat raw food
Wear vegan
Reflect on your green footprint

And have fun!

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