Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fashion Inspiration - Stars Wearing Yellow


Looking for a way to instantly boost your mood, and brighten the day of anyone around you?  Look no further than a simple, primary color:  yellow!  What should you do with said color?  Wear it!

Perfection in the spring and summer months, yellow offers an unexpected twist of boldness to any outfit, especially when worn from head to toe.  Sure, you could throw on a red dress for that va-va-voom appeal, but yellow achieves the same attention getting factor, while maintaining a sophisticated elegance that red can sometimes fall short of if the cut is also revealing.  


There are so many options to wearing yellow, whether you want to go dramatic in a bright golden yellow like Lupita Nyongo's ball gown, run with a pale version of the hue like Julianne Moore's long sleeved pencil dress, a super plunging catsuit like Ashley Madekwe, or in full out leather like JLo.  Either way, wear it simply.  To get the full benefits, keep it basic, with a solid color, minimal accessories, and neutral heels and your good to go!

So take a look at some pics for inspiration, and give this sunny side up color a whirl.



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