Friday, April 4, 2014

David Beckham in Swimwear. Need I Say More?

Honestly, I could leave this post completely void of words.  I mean, who of you are even reading this right now?  There's a photo of David Beckham, nearly in the buff, wearing a tiny little pair of white swimsuit bottoms.  So really, who's reading my words?

In case you are... stop!  Haha, no just kidding.... Well, as I see it, any day is a good day when David Beckham takes off his clothes.  Heck, one photo can make the entire week better!

So here are the newest gems from the new H&M campaign just rolling out, featuring the gorgeous 38-year-old sports wonder boy in all his tattooed glory, posing in trunks, swim shorts (God bless em) and boardshorts, shot by Glen Luchford (thank you thank you!).

I won't fluff this post up with any more details about the hemline, fabric, stitching, or where the fabric came from... but I will tell you that it's quite possible these photos will be on mammoth display as larger than life images at a few stores, if their former campaign has any say in it!

So with that I bid you a good weekend!  You're welcome.

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