Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Weave Sweatshirt / Sweater Cutout Design

How about a little DIY fun for the weekend?!  Video tutorial of this and other DIY designs at the end!

I created this DIY sweater / sweatshirt weave back design in about 10 minutes.  All it takes are some scissors, a little bit of sewing (super easy) and an old sweater or sweatshirt that you want to reconstruct. I thought this would be perfect for the springtime, so that you don't have to toss your warm sweaters in the back of the closet for the next 6 months.

The steps are pretty simple!  First off, cut out the entire back of your sweater!

Then, taking the back that you cutout, trim off the bottom portion if it has some type of stitching or design that is different from the rest of the back.

Using a tape measure, measure down the side of the back to create the width of your strips.  I went with 6 strips, you can do more or less.  Mine are 2.5" in width.  After measuring, I took my scissors to snip off every 2.5" inches to mark my place.

Then, you guessed it folks!  Cut off your strips.  

Lay out your strips in the pattern formation that you want to create to have an idea of how it will look when finished.  I went for a crossed back, and will weave the strips into one another.  

Then, placing right sides together, you want to sew your first strip to the edge of the neckline that has been cut off.  You can hand sew in a matter of minutes, or use a machine.

I went ahead and sewed each strip of the first set of 3 to the back, in diagonal patterns.  The top neck strip crosses to just under the arm of the opposite side, and the other 2 are parallel to that, with the last one hitting just under the starting arm, and connecting to the bottom of the sweater.

Then, I sewed the tops of the next set of 3 strips on the opposite side, in their correct positions.  Before sewing the bottoms, take each strip, and weave it through the first set, under-over-under like you see below.

Sew the bottoms of the last 3 woven strips and voila!  You're done!  Wear your repurposed sweater or sweatshirt with pride!  

Here is a video of this tutorial, and 3 other DIY sweater cutting ideas for you to enjoy!  The other tutorials don't require any sewing!

Tag me in photos of your creations so I can see and thumbs up!

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