Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Fashion Trend: Minimalism How To

One of my favorite spring fashion trends this year, and really any year, is chic minimalism.  It conveys a message of sophistication, simplicity, elegance, and a level of polish that is actually quite easy to achieve.  Video of this look in action at the end! 

This is one of those looks where less truly is more, and you don't have to worry about blending color palates, as this look generally consists of white, black, and neutral tones.  So today we look at my new favorite head-to-toe statement:  wearing all white.

When working this look, think clean and simple.  I chose this strapless body suit not only because it is all white top to bottom, which automatically makes you look taller and thinner, but for its prime fit silhouette.  When you're wearing all white, my advice is to shoot for looser fit layers, as white tends to highlight bulges if worn to skin tight!  Yikes!

Avoid the temptation to add a pop of color to this look.  That would draw all the attention, and negate the very essence of minimalism.

Instead, opt for white accessories with metallic details in gold or silver, and the same goes for your shoes.  And for the ultimate chic-ness?  Make those shoes heels rather than flats!  

Keep your makeup and hair sleek and simple, and you've built a stunning look in no time at all!  Love that!  

Here's my video with this look in action, as well as several other outfit ideas and tips:

What do you think of the minimalist trend?

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