Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol Recap

Last night on American Idol, the result brought sadness to followers everywhere as Katie Steven was sent home, what was truly shocking was when Andrew Garcia, who was everyone's favorite pick since day one, was voted off. The journey has been long and hard for all contestants but it felt like it was a little too soon for Andrew to be leaving AI this early on the competition. We all had high hopes that Andrew out of all the contestants would make it to the final round but it looks like not everyone agrees. Fans everywhere is saddened by the news but is optimistic that this is a great opportunity for Andrew to sign on a record deal now that he’s off American Idol. Andrew is also listed on the American Idol tour coming up and I’m positive this won’t be the last we time we hear about Andrew. As for Katie, she’s still young and very talented; there will be many opportunities ahead for a talented songstress like her.

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