Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Did Kate Gosselin Catch The Fame Bug?

Now that Kate’s dancing career is over when she was voted off from Dancing With The Stars, Kate is looking forward to spending more time with her 8 kids. Kate has gone on numerous interviews stating how she was forced to find work after her spit with husband Jon Gosselin enable to support her 8 kids. Kate said on her interview that going back to being a nurse was not an option because she will not be able to make ends met with a nurse's salary. Her only option is television, which is why Kate agrees to do Dancing With The Stars. Kate is highly criticized for her actions because she is spending more time away from her kids than ever before. Kate would fly back to see her kids for a couple hours just to find herself flying back to Hollywood for her “job”. Many believe that Kate has caught the fame bug and is using the good mother label to pursue her personal career in film. Kate is also reported looking for houses in LA in the range of 8 million and above and moving to Hollywood would be more convenient for her so she doesn’t have to travel far to be with the kids.

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