Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heidi Montag - sexually harassed?

Heidi Montag has once again found her way to the tabloid with her latest scandal. Heidi claimed she was sexually harassed by Adam DiVello, creator of the Hills in March during a cast photo shoot to promote The Hills final season. The allegation claimed that DiVello approached Heidi from behind and grabbed her with one hand on her stomach and one hand on her butt cheek. Prior to the incident Heidi is reported to bring six bodyguard to the set because she doesn’t feel safe after DiVello showed an interested in her new body and asking her to strip down to a bikini for scenes. A close friend of Heidi claimed that DiVello was never on the set much but ever since Heidi has had some work done, he shows up everywhere. Heidi is said to be very upset at the situation and been in tears because she doesn’t feel safe anymore and feels she has to travel with bodyguards. Heidi wants to resolve the issue behind close door but no lawsuit is yet to be filed.
Is Heidi a victim in this scandal? What’s your take?

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