Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It’s Official! Sandra Bullock getting a divorce!

After months of speculations and suspend Sandra Bullock has made an official announcement that she is divorcing husband of 5 years Jesse James. James’s infidelity surfaced several months ago and the scandal took a life in its own when more than 5 women (and counting) publicly admit to have been physically involved with Jesse James, some even go back to when Bullock and James were first married. Devastated by the new, Bullock pack her belonging and moved out, a move well commented for. What is more shocking is Bullock and James was in the process of adopting a new baby which they have been planning for over 4 years. On the same day Bullock announced her separation she also introduced her adopted baby boy to the public. 3 ½-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock was adopted in January but the news was kept away from the public, it is reported that Bullock had decided to adopt little Louis as a single parent. There is no doubt that Bullock will be a wonderful mother and a new child will keep her moving forward to many amazing thing ahead.

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