Thursday, April 22, 2010

Really Spencer?

Spencer Pratt needs no introduction when he is the main target for paparazzi and gossip hungry. Spencer was spotted bashing Kate Hudson for her new boob job. Let’s do some catching up to this week's conspiracy about Kate Hudson. It was reported that Hudson has gotten a breast augmentation when her double-a cup size breasts appeared slightly larger. Mind you Kate's cup size is still fairy small compare to others who have done a breast augmentation, however her publicist has yet confirmed or denied this rumor. With that being said, Spencer tweeted on his page “How is it possible to get breast implants and still not have breasts. Kate H-get ur money back” if that wasn’t enough Spencer continues with “I gotta guy who will hook you up!” This is coming from the husband of a plastic surgery gone wrong patient. Have you seen Heidi lately? So before you cast the stone of judgment Spencer, take a closer look at the piece of plastic you call your wife. It’s understandable that Spencer would like to bash on celebs, seeing that it’s the closest thing he can get to being near them, just to mention their name should be an honor and privilege to both Spencer and Heidi. What a match made couple to annoy us all!

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