Monday, April 12, 2010

Get Flat Abs With Heidi Klum

Do you ever wonder how super model Heidi Klum gets her flat abs and that serious body figure even after her fourth child? Well wonder no more because I have her secret to share with everyone. Try these three moves three times a week and you'll have killer abs like her in no time.
1. Oblique Crunches- lie on your right side with knees bent, right arms on the floor in front of you, left hand behind head. Crunch, lifting knees straight up and bringing left shoulder toward them; pause, lower and repeat. Do 15 times; switch sides.
2. Mountain Climber- get into a raised push-up position with hands on a medicine ball (or any hard, smallish ball). Bring left knee toward right shoulder; return to start; repeat on other side. Continue for 30 seconds, picking up the pace as you get stronger.
3. Reverse V Crunches- lie on the floor with legs straight up; lower them to a wide V feet flexed. Bring feet back together while you lift hips and twist left, then center. Lower hips and return to V. repeat, twisting hips to right. Do 15 time per side.

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