Monday, May 9, 2011

Holey Crochet and Macrame Trend

What used to be associated with a hobby of the elderly and craft fairs is slowly transforming into one of the hottest fashion trends of the season and stepping up their game. Perhaps it’s coming as a variation of the sheer trend we’ve seen recently, but crochet and macramé designs have been popping up everywhere as it allows coverage but also shows a little skin at the same time for those warmer months yet to come. Fashion houses like Chanel and Issey Miyake have incorporated this decorative knit into their spring/summer collections with crochet tops, dresses and skirts.

Not sure how to add these beautifully crafted pieces to your daily ensemble? Fortunately, this is a rather subtle trend and blends perfectly with almost everything else in your closet. Try throwing a crochet piece over black leggings and some open toe black shoes and you have an ideal spring outfit. For a more feminine casual look, slip into a knitted crochet dress with ankle boots and oversized shades. Without switching up your style entirely, you can incorporate crochet and macramé pieces to your wardrobe for almost any occasion. A word of advice-stick with crochet in a tailored, sleek silhouette and stick to more natural tones of whites, creams, nudes, browns and black as crochet patterns have a sense of traditional sophistication and elegance and therefore, a crochet piece in lime green will probably not be the best way to top off your outfit.

Posted by: Saeko

Crochet Souffle Dress

Floral Crochet Top


Anonymous said...

Nice! I have been a long time macrame fan,so its so nice to see it is finally having a comeback! I write a blog that focuses on how to macrame for fun, and is filled with patterns, instructions, and ideas in case you want to try it yourself!

Macradabra said...

fashion macrame im in love