Monday, May 16, 2011

Skechers Shape-Ups for Girls Offensive

We’ve all seen the commercials and advertisements of Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers associated with firm bodies and toned thighs and of course, the gorgeous and sexy Kim Kardashian. Now, Skechers is advertising these shoes to little girls in a way that makes me question what any 12-year old girl who sees these commercials are supposed to think. In the commercial, there are stick-thin cartoon girls who are being chased around by boys dressed up as hot dogs, cupcakes and ice cream while girls sing

“Heidi’s got new Shape-ups, got everything a girl wants. She’s got the height, got the bounce, yes, she’s looking good and having fun.”

Body image and the “ideal female image” has been contorted in the media and has always been an issue that has led to women’s struggles with body image so it is no wonder why parents have been complaining and speaking out in outrage over these commercials. Parents believe that young children being exposed to these commercials that directly link being thin with being happy is a major issue and the fact that they market the product as being aimed at toning your glutes is not necessarily a concern that should even cross the mind of a 12-year old girl.

In response to these complaints, the President of Skechers Fitness Group Leonard Armato said, "The concerns about Shape-ups for Girls are unfounded and way off base. The whole message behind Shape-ups is to get moving, get exercise, and get fit." Another Skechers spokesperson said the shoes are not made in preschooler size – they start at size 2, the average size of a 7-year-old. C'mon Skechers, who really needs to do the shaping up?

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