Friday, May 6, 2011

Pray for Japan

I’m sure we all remember hearing about the devastating news that occurred about a month ago over in Japan and it seemed surreal to most of us. What is the world coming to? A 9.0 magnitude earthquake that wiped out mothers, fathers, children and elders in less than a matter of days? It’s important to keep in mind how precious life can be and to of course do what we can to help those in need.

The good news is, hope seems to be increasing for Japan as more help continues to arrive but the situation with the nuclear radiation is still unsettled and a bit disturbing to know that innocent people of this nation are suffering through so much. The destruction upon the nation that took only hours will take not months, but years to rebuild and they need as much of our help as they can get. With that said, check out some of these wonderful ways you can take part to help out those who are in need of help and also adorable to have in your collection. Make sure to keep an eye out for local fundraising events and ways to donate because every little bit helps.

Tory Burch Japan relief T-Shirt

Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband

Anna Sui Japan Relief T-Shirt

In addition to these adorable products well worth purchasing, the American Red Cross is also always looking for volunteers for those who want to be a bit more directly involved in helping out.

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