Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off-Beat Oxfords

This season definitely has some vibrant new trends we weren’t expecting. Perhaps the one that takes it for being the most unexpected and what’s the word I’m looking for—eclectic will have to be the off-beat oxfords. When these adorable shoes became the new “it shoe” as a spring accessory, many of us didn’t know exactly how to pair these with our wardrobe. But through trial and error, we adapted. Now, we’re put up to a greater challenge as oxfords are now arriving with a more modern look. In unconventional patterns and prints such as leopard print and highlighter yellow color hue, oxfords are no longer only limited to menswear-inspired patterns and hues and have been seen on the feet of the well-dressed.

With a greater choice of looks, colors, and patterns to choose from, oxfords will surely be a must-have this season and continue well into the fall season as well. Get yourself a pair now, whatever pair you choose to add to your ensemble, we can guarantee your look will be anything but dull.

Qupid Salya-499 Glitter Oxford Flat

Kenon Cut-Out Oxford Lace Up Flat

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