Monday, June 27, 2011

Bieber Fever at Macy's

Justin Bieber went to Macy’s yesterday to promote his new fragance as we mentioned in a previous post. He was an hour and fifteen minutes late to his platform because as he was walking into the building, some of the borderline insane fans surged toward him, forcing an undercover police officer to tackle him. As this Bieber madness went on, it didn’t seem that Macy’s tried to stop any of it. Why? Because all Macy’s executives can hear is cha-ching!

From WWD:

Macy’s executives were perhaps even more enthusiastic than the weeping girls, with Muriel Gonzalez, Macy’s executive vice president and general merchandise manager of cosmetics, fragrances and shoes, flatly exclaiming: “This is going to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had.” And that’s saying something, considering the previous benchmark set by Beyoncé Knowles in February 2010 with her Heat launch in the same venue. Knowles’ scent was said to have sold $3 million at retail at Macy’s in its first month on counter.

The first 325 people were able to meet Bieber, while hundreds “camped out” in the store. If you guys haven’t seen it during the commercial breaks yet, Bieber’s heavily-invested commercial for his fragrance line is definitely increasing the fan base for his fragrance, Someday. What will he think of next?

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