Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flirty Feminine Floral Swimwear

If you guys haven’t noticed yet, flirty feminine floral print is making their way to the runway and have taken over the fashion world from head to toe—from accessories to tops to bottoms and now, swimwear? Yes, that’s right. This season, it is apparent that floral patterns, ultra-feminine cuts and designs have also made their way to inspire swimwear pieces.

It’s not too surprising to see that these styles are heavily influenced by the vintage 50’s floral swimwear trend. One of the key features of the vintage 50’s swimwear includes high rise ruched briefs, halternecks and one piece swimsuits. Keep your eye out for the newest trends of swimsuits this season and get ready to update your swimwear collection for the new summer season.

Posted by: Saeko

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