Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lauren Conrad is Forbes' Newest Lifestyle Contributor

If you thought Lauren Conrad is just another typical, shameless 25-year old reality TV celebrity that's taking over the definition of trashy television and entertainment for young adults, you might want to think again because she’s proving you guys all wrong. Reality TV star-turned fashion designer-turned novelist, All-American beauty Lauren Conrad is not your average MTV reality star. She is adding to her impressive portfolio by writing as a contributor for Forbes magazine. In her past, she has also completed an internship at Teen Vogue and contributed work at Allure and Lucky magazine as well. She currently runs two websites, two apparel lines-Paper Crown to launch this summer and LC Lauren Conrad, a successful novel series and just turned in her fifth manuscript for her fifth novel. Not bad.

Starting today, she will start a four-month project writing about her business achievements for Forbes’ Lifestyle section which will include writing on her fashion line, her beauty website and her publishing career. What will she come up with next? Stay tuned ladies and gents and keep an eye out for her contributions at Forbes!

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