Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Is it just me or is the month of June just flying by? Hopefully, you guys haven’t forgotten about Father’s Day coming up in a week—and if it slipped your mind, good thing you read our blog! Take this upcoming day to celebrate and show Dad just how much you care. If you aren’t sure what to get for your wonderful father, don’t worry, that’s what this post is for. Check out some ideas below to help you make this day as special as it should be for your father.

Classy Businessman- Has your dad always had a sense of style that says “boss in charge” all over it? Upgrade his style and show your appreciation with some stylish and functional Father’s Day gifts. Grooming products for men are always a good choice while business wear (think tailored suits, blazers, slacks, button-up shirts) is also a popular choice. If you’re limited with your budget, sleek desktop accessories are also a simple gift—the more personal and customized, the better!

BBQ Man- I’m not sure what it is, but it seems that every true man loves grilling up a storm and serving a thick, juicy slice of BBQ’ed steak on the table. If this sounds like your father, encourage him to continue his hobby with some grilling accessories, BBQ cookbooks (so Mom doesn’t have to do all the preparatory work), or you can pick up some unique BBQ sauces to switch up the flavor from the traditional mix.

Tech Man- Is your dad a techcessory nerd that loves spending hours at electronic’s stores and drags you along so he can have an excuse to be there for hours? If so, you can add to his collection by grabbing some copies of the latest action DVD release or music album. If he’s more of a reader, you can get Dad an e-reader with some reads that he might like, technology and literature in one, it's brilliant. You can also check out portable speakers for his iPod or a wireless charging pad, the list is endless with the new gadgets that are on the market right now!

Sports Man- Whether your dad’s a professional tennis player or an avid Lakers fan, we all know dads LOVE sports. If he plays a specific sport, you can pick up some new toys and accessories for his game or a reuseable water bottle to keep him hydrated.
If he’s more of a spectator of the game, you can get some tickets to a local sports event so he can finally go watch his favorite sports team live in action.

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Me and Daddy- Keep in mind that as much as he’ll appreciate all your grandiose gifts, what’s most important is spending quality time with him. Plan ahead and take some time out of your day to do something you and Dad can do together next Sunday: father/daughter breakfasts, hiking in the morning, going to Fry’s electronics together (I can already feel his excitement…) Just do something you guys will both enjoy because these precious moments with his kids are priceless to a father.

Share with us your ideas! Which category does your dad fall under?

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