Monday, June 6, 2011

Zombie Boy and Andrej Pejic Rock the Runway

Nowadays, models are no longer restricted to a specific look, size or even gender? On Saturday night at Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week, fashion brand Auslander hired two of the hottest and most controversial models around to walk in the show: Lady Gaga’s new friend and Thierry Mugler poster child Zombie Boy and androgynous censored model Andrej Pejic. Pejic walked the runway as a female model in Part I wearing long skirts, vintage shirts with “Oh Lord, I have Sinned” written on the front, and tailored jackets.

In Part II, Andrej returns to the runway in his male version with menswear pieces—imagine walking the runway for both male and female collections, now that’s a first. To finish off the night, Canadian model, Zombie Boy whose real name is Rick Genest, DJed at the label’s afterparty.

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