Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gaga Joins Tumblr

It seems like lately, Lady Gaga is getting nailed for stealing and lacking the originality that we’ve all come to believe makes her her. First of all, she apparently copped her name from a Babylonian slave owner, who would’ve thought? We also hear that Gaga may have embezzled money from her “We Pray for Japan” campaign from her $5 wristbands she sold to benefit tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan earlier this year—that’s another story in itself.

Today, let’s talk about Gaga’s Tumblr page which was launched on Monday. Her Tumblr page, titled Amen Fashion, like her song, turns out to also be the title of one of her loyal fans’ Tumblr page. Knowing this, Gaga still wanted the name so her management company asked the fan via Tumblr’s Community Support to give up the name to her. The fan, apparently switched his Tumblr name to Amen Fashion1, but the website contacted him demanding a more drastic change.

Although Gaga did steal the name, didn’t she have a right to use her own song title as the name of her Tumblr page? Either way, her loyal fan can now say that Lady Gaga stole something from him. If you’re wondering about the Tumblr itself, its as weird and unexpected as anything else Gaga has come up with so far. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

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