Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lily Allen Debuts New Fashion Line

After quitting the music business to start a vintage-clothing store with sister Sarah, Lily Allen has debuted her collection of classic pieces under the store’s name, Lucy In Disguise. Just to fill you in on her history in the fashion business, Lily has attempted fashion design before when she produced an eclectic collection of party dresses for the British chain New Look in 2007.

In her newest collection, there are eighteen pieces in all, each inspired by a specific decade’s fashions. For example, most pieces are named after trends or events from that era: a flapper-style dress is called Speakeasy, a hippie-inspired peasant dress is called Haight Ashbury, etc. Lily told British Vogue that she was hoping “to create vintage styles with more contemporary, clean lines” and to eliminate sizing inconsistencies between then and now. Lily also mentioned that future collections will be tied to tighter themes and will also contain “hero pieces”-which we’ll have to wait and see to fully understand.

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