Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back To School Fashion

Dahhhhh-Dum. Dahhh-Dum.  Dahh-Dum-Dahh-Dum!  Yes that was my poor attempt to spell out the “Jaws” theme!  I’m singing it because the school year is quickly approaching, stalking and hunting you down like an unsuspecting fish flopping around the sea.  But you don’t have to feel like an unprepared flounder in your school of fish (get it J.  Back to school shopping can be, and is definitely my highlight of the school year!

So I’ve put together some of my favorite back to school looks, and the best part is, these looks are so affordable, you will have tons of moolah left over to splurge on books and that casserole surprise in the cafeteria!  Oh what joy!

My school must haves?  Jeans and layers.  Destroyed denim is always on call, and I like having a variety of warm options like colorful scarves, a blazer, and long sleeve tops as my professors usually keep the classroom just above an arctic freeze. 

Since it's YouTube Thursday, take a look at some outfits I put together in our new video!

I opt for large handbags that can fit binders and books, since those clunky backpacks can be major fashion kill, and make sure to have some boots, flats, and comfy shoes at my disposal.  Each school has a different dress code, so always make sure you’re in the know before buying up shop.  And as a general rule, wedges will help you survive the walk to class much better then those sky high stilettos.

What’s your favorite back to school look?  Are you a T-Shirt in jeans gal, a colorful dress girly, or a tailored diva in training?

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