Monday, August 22, 2011

Street Fashion at Long Beach Funk Fest 2011

This past Saturday, lovers of all things funk joined by the thousands in downtown Long Beach for the 3rd annual Long Beach Funk Fest 2011. I not only had the chance to completely submerge myself in eclectic street fashion at the festival, but I was also honored to be one of the featured musical performers.

Freaks, geeks and fashion chics came out in droves to soak up not only the funky sounds of dozens of funk legends, but to bask in some wild fashion glory. I, as you may well have guessed, was no exception when it came to getting down and funky with my fashion.

Greatly inspired by the era of many of the musical performers, I wore my hair extra large and in charge, picking it out to it’s fullest volume in honor of the 70’s afro. I also rocked my typical face paint when I perform, a silver one piece body suit that I hand made with elevated shoulders, thigh high boots and my signature leg straps.

What I enjoyed most about the festival (besides performing of course :) was witnessing the vast array of cultural mixes that came out. The streets were filled with b-boy dancers in their retro hip hop style, the long haired, hemp necklace sandal wearing hippies, black green and gold Rasta styles, and of course, some all American casual. Hula hoopers twirled, fire dancers blazed the sidewalks, children sported cartoon face paint of their favorite funky characters, and of course, there were glittering leisure suits galore!



The colors, sights and sounds that filled the air were truly inspirational, and it was apparent to me that funk is not just a style of music, but actually a fashion statement of the mind and body!

On to the Mothership! Video to be posted!

Posted by: Spankie Valentine

Photos from my favorite live photographer: Kim C. Martin

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